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Worksheet #12: The Sensual Exploration Worksheet.

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I Give Good Head: A Guide To Pleasuring Women With Your Mouth.

Podcast Episode #161 Tips for Overcoming Performance Anxiety and Building Sexual Confidence

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Worksheet #11: Understanding Your Relationship Needs.

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Worksheet #10: Exploring Body Image & Self Acceptance.

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Worksheet #9: Explore and Discover Your Sexual Fantasies.

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Worksheet #8: Navigating Relationship Conflict Part 3: Tools for Navigating Conflict.

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Podcast Episode #158: How to Communicate Your Sexual Needs & Desires

Podcast Episode #158: How to Communicate Your Sexual Needs & Desires

Sex Ed: Master the Art of Dirty Talk.

Personal update ~ a month in hospital with our sweet girl.

Worksheet #7: Exploring Your Attachment Style.

Podcast Episode #157: Flirt Like a Pro: Building Sexual Tension & Connection

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Sex Ed: The Power of Foreplay.

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Worksheet #6: Navigating Relationship Conflict Part 2: Building Awareness and Compassion.

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Podcast Episode #156: Motherhood, Sex, Masturbation & Orgasmic Birth w/ Amy Lou

Sex Ed: Finding Your Voice in the Bedroom.

My Abandonment Wound, and How I Healed it.

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My Simple Skincare Ritual - The Products I Swear By!

Why I was told NOT to have sex, anal while preggers, friendship changes, my beauty/skincare regime, house updates ... a personal voice note from Juliet ❤️

Worksheet #5: ​​Exploring & Understanding Sexual shadow - with guest teacher, Nick Perry.

Sex Ed: Edging - The Art of Delayed Gratification.

Podcast Episode #155: Manifesting Your Ideal Lover: Guided Meditation

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Worksheet #4: Navigating Relationship Conflict Part 1: Understanding Your Relationship Patterns.

Podcast Episode #154: Strengthening Your Connection: A Guide to Navigating Relationship Conflicts w/ Juliet Allen

Building Intimacy and Connection in Long-Distance Relationships.

Pregnancy Complications & An Unexpected House Move ... The Ultimate Surrender.

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Embrace Your Inner Kinky Bi*ch.

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In Bed With Juliet: February.

My Top 3 S*x Memories.

Guided Meditation: The Four Centres Of The Body.

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Sex Ed: The Sexologist's Hand Job Guide.

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Let's get personal: BTS holiday vibes, relationship challenges and hand jobs.

Podcast Episode #152: Return to Power and Pleasure After Trauma w/ Zoe Bosco