I've been wanting to write here .... but this last week just went by so quickly. I have had an intense cleanse on the weekend of the 23. It has been a gut cleanse but also very much an emotional one. After that I had my period so the cleanse kind of continued. I also got some news that were difficult to process regarding the health of my father. So the last week has been very emotional. Now I am feeling a little more settled and even though I've got a bit of a running nose I feel like my vitality and libido are coming back tenfold...its really pleasurable and beautiful. Also since I am on holidays for two weeks and signed up for a paid subscription I want to continue a little around the routines to enhance my vitality and libido. I am looking forward to continue on this journey and to explore all your stuff. Much love!

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Hi Juliet, Thanks so much for sharing. This has been such a beauitful offering and I've been loving having a focus on personal development and intention setting!

Today is day 1 of my cycle so Ive been feeling pretty heavy and emotional but I have really noticed positive changes since following through with my intentions (mostly) this month! I also just gave myself a guilt free day to not think about uni or any of the things I need to check off my to-do list, and just spend the whole day with self-care and things that made me feel good. This reset has helped me to remember the importance of that!

Ive really valued my little morning routine, and the impact of not looking at my phone for atleast 30 mintutes has been amazing. I start my day with self care, tea on my verandah, kinda just pottering around rather then phone in my face as soon as I wake up and its been great! I also notice I am less obsessed in checking and spending so much more time with it just being in a different room and not caring.

Ive only slept with one person this month and that conscious choice of only connecting in that way with people that align with my values has been really beautiful! This person was over last night, I told him that I was due to bleed so wasnt feeling like I wanted sex, instead we played card games with my roomates, and just kissed and talked and laughed. . I felt so cared for and valued and validated! I also deleted the dating apps and Its been refreshing! But after that Q/A I realised I dont have full clarity on my values so definetly trying to figure thast out! loved the live Q/A! Such a great community you have created and Im definitely interested in any other offerings that you have in the future.

Thankyou thankyou x

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Always love reading your updates Juliet! Thanks for sharing ❤️ would love to know more about your new offering xx

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