I am a bit knackered this week. I've been sticking to my routines and exercise though but struggling to make space for daily stretching and cooking and that's kind of upset my microbiome and energy somewhat. My week kinda got de-railed by a relatively sleepless night on Sunday. The silver lining though, is that the sleepless night was a result of spending the first night with someone new...my first sex with another human (as opposed to just myself) in about 18 months (I have been consciously cultivating my primary relationship with self during that time) ...and it was...WOW, totally magic. But the energy ignited in me...haha. I guess there are worse reasons to lose sleep but yeah I've gotta harness this sexual energy somehow cause it's INSANE and totally messing up my sleep still whether there's a beautiful man in my bed or...just my head! I want to enjoy this time as opposed to suffer for it! I'm pretty confident that my commitment to my routines is the ticket to that though, so I'll keep plodding along and doing my best <3

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I am doing pretty good. Definitely entering luteal this week so I am also gonna slow down a bit.

On the reset side... Some things are going really good others not as consistent as initally planned. But I am OK with that. I didn't do my yoga all nights and that is honestly just because i couldnt be that disciplined there... but I managed to go for a run twice a week and I found a new bike so more movement when running errands and going to work too. I did a sourdough workshop this week that got me super motivated in baking my own bread again and I love it. Also the practice with the pleasure wand isn't been really two times a week, BUT I gave myself an amazing breast massage this weekend!! It was truly something else! I think I felt for the first time in ages again as if I was really making live with myself (I'm single). (Wait why am I actually explaining this?😅 as if making love with oneself could only apply when single🤔).

I really enjoyed the episode around the menstrual cycle awareness. I had listened to it already a few years ago, but it's a goldie to return to and I always get something from it. All in all I'm loving this!

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I am due to bleed at some point this week, so taking it slow and extra gentle especially as there was pumping surf over the weekend so output a lot of energy the past few days surfing!

My bleed is still quite irregular anywhere from 28-37 days and my son is almost 2! Goal is to have lots of intimacy leading up as i find it helps soo much more to mentally let go and allow my period to come when its ready! (Otherwise i just feel like PMS for 8 days straight hahaha)

We are slowly renovating with my husband doing it all, i have learned to ‘not see’ the unrenovated bits 😂 but the past week i have been cleaning and sorting through the house too loadsssss.

But we don’t have any of the storage done we need yet, my friend calls it ‘blue balls cleaning’ cause you sort but never quite get the full satisfaction hahaha. We are doing the kitchen & laundry in February so lots of little decisions for that going on, which is another form of connection my husband and I enjoy the whole creative process!

Miss those cute little sleeping baby noises!!! 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

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