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Hi Juliet, first of all thank you for this inspiring idea and for sharing all of your intentions and lots of interesting infos to look into!

For me it's autumn coming, and I just moved (last week) into a new flat, by myself and not a sublet - for the 1st time! so I'm very excited about really making this space feel like Home 💛 Not sure what this will imply in details through the month - I still feel a bit overwhelmed with the different luggages and boxes to unpack 🤪 - but I'll be trying to take my time to properly organise everything here and invest only in furniture that brings me joy.

I also wanna go back to a consistent meditation+yoga/pilates routine, since the last month I was mainly camping and traveling and wasn't consistent at all, even tho I was very active, but I miss stretching and some more mindful movement.

Thank you for all the advices, I will definitely also look more into essential oils and review which supplements I'm taking, if they're still needed or how I can naturally improve my energy levels.

Last points, back to fully cultivating some human connections after a couple stressful, busy and messy months & more journaling and reading and less screen time esp. at night ! xx

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A little bit late to this reset! But it sounds incredible, loving this read and all the inspiration and incredible intentions through the comments .

My intentions :

Losing some postpartum weight . With you on this sister! Loving my curves and this body but would love feeling lighter and more energetic again

Eat more nutrient dense foods , cut the processed crap

Reduce stress and anxiety

Get off socials

So I’m going to

Keep up my daily bush walks but also add in some Pilates and love the little bouncer idea !

Meal prep and plan like a boss . Delegate two days a week to bulk cooking for freezer meals and healthy grab and go snacks . Stop buying processed foods so it’s not in the house

Start a morning mindfulness practice during bubs first nap , regenerative yoga for afternoon wind down

Read a book instead of jumping on my phone during naps! And adhere to the time limit I set on my phone

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Love this program and love you Juliet! I've been listening to you for years. I'm here because I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and want to spend more time and energy on myself as I go through this process. I've been in a deep funk for many years which worsened when my son left home for college 5 years ago, I stopped alcohol consumption, and started examining my life. Time for the funk to go away! On my list: introduce essential oils, continue with accupuncture and all things mental health, get a rebounder and start moving more, and eat more intentionally. As I don't know what the future holds regarding my sexuality (some cancer drugs cause vaginal atrophy and dryness as well as loss of libido and painful sex), I am doing lots of self-pleasuring and using my rose quartz crystal wand!

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I struggle to make time for my, so of course I am late in getting started here. I hope to help myself to be kinder, gentler and more loving with myself. No partner here, so I better start loving the person I spend all of my time with! ❤️

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A little late to the party....

My Intentions:

-Everyday I want to be doing something for my mind, body and soul

-I love moving my body and exercising however I have never stayed commited to one sport/fitness, Its pilates for 6 months, then water polo, then its running....I just find it hard!

-So move everday in whatever way I feel that day

-stimulate my mind that is not Uni work (reading, podcasts, spanish language practice)

-soul (anything to do with the ocean, social, spiritual practices)

-Be sacred with my sexuality and only sleep with people who align with my values (often feeling quitre deflated/sad when its with someone and there is not connection)

-Through this community and Juliets Wisdom learn how to trust my intuition in any form

-I am a confident person however I really want to learn how to trust myself and not feel like I need the reassurance from others in decision-making

I would love to finish September feeling empowered, sexy, confident in my decisions and grounded

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I will take care to go to the farmers market to have fresh produce and generally I want to be mindful of what I take in as information. No Instagram and as less screentime as possible - by making more time for the rest and why not reading...

Much love and a good Start to everyone💖

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I love how perfect the timing is for this! I'd already planned and registered for a yoga and gut detox for the end of September and I feel that starting and embedding it already here is just perfect!

There is a lot of things I'd like to do for this month so I'll also try to be mindful to keep it simple and realistic for my own everyday. My intention is to feel more energetic,relaxed, sexy, inspired and strong.

I will do:

- mornings (10-30min.): divinedance -> moving hips and butt and enjoy the pleasure and dance

-> activator break: sort of meditation with an activator (dentosophy tool) in my mouth- contact to all teeth and better breathing - being aware of my body sensations and feelings

-> writing

-> shower ending with cold

- evenings (10-30min.): lu Jong (a form of yoga)

- during the week:

-> 2/week: running... get that blood flowing and pumping

-> 1-2/week: use my pleasure wand and soften into my pleasure consciously

-> cold plunge once a week as long as I am not on period or around fasting

- supplements:

Spirulina, acchillea and schussler salt 5

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My intentions are to rediscover and reignite my libido and sensual self after so many years of disconnection to this part of myself.

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My intentions:

Rest and recover (from burnout)

- just one job

- just being

- at least two days/afternoons and evenings with NOTHING scheduled

Get fit

- kick boxing 3x a week (working up from current 2x a week)

- dancing 1-2x a week

Gut balance

- intermittent fasting (10:14)

- whole foods only

- supplement protocol


Doing more of the things I love

No more people-pleasing

I want to feel: Energised, fit, sexy, free, confident, joyful, peaceful, present


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Making these today to satisfy my period chocolate cravings : chickpea, peanut butter chocolate chip cookie dough bites.


1 1/4 cups canned chickpeas, well-rinsed and patted dry with a paper towel1

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons (165 grams) natural peanut butter, SunButter Natural or almond butter - room temperature2

1/4 cup (80 grams) honey (agave or maple syrup for vegan)

1 teaspoon baking powder

a pinch of salt if your peanut butter doesn't have salt in it

1/2 cup (90 grams) chocolate chips (use vegan and dairy-free chocolate chips, if needed)


Preheat your oven to 350°F / 175°C. Combine all the ingredients, except for the chocolate chips, in a food processor and process until very smooth. Make sure to scrape the sides and the top to get the little chunks of chickpeas and process again until they're combined.

Put in the chocolate chips and stir it if you can, or pulse it once or twice. The mixture will be very thick and sticky.

With wet hands, form into 1 1/2" balls. Place onto a Silpat or a piece of parchment paper. If you want them to look more like normal cookies, press down slightly on the balls. They don't do much rising.

Bake for about 10 minutes. The dough balls will still be very soft when you take them out of the oven. They will not set like normal cookies.

Store in an airtight container at room temperature (or in the fridge)


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I love this community reset, I am inspired by your shares Juliet and reading the comments below :)

My intention is to

-naturally increase my energy and libido

-flow with what is and choose what makes me feel alive and turned on in my body and in life

-feel fit, strong and flexible in my body

I've been craving a reset in how I move my body (more stretching/yoga, walks) to compliment strength training I've been committed to for the past 3 months. I want to feel more flexible and loose in my body, I think a morning yoga flow is exactly what I need.

For nutrition, I'll follow an 80/20 rule for alcohol, coffee and sugar. I'm not committed to a full cleanse at this time but consciously choosing when I decide to drink or eat these things feels right for me at the moment. I also NEED to stop eating out and enjoy the farm fresh veggies I get every week. I aim to prepare more home cooked meals highlighting fruits, veg, grain, protein and tasty sauces to bring everything together.

So ready for this reset!

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Thanks for inspiring!

By the end of September, I want to feel softer and have more trust in both myself and the process I'm currently moving through. I have the tendency to micro-manage, try to "fix" and control. Losing joy as a result. Coming back to affirmations and building my capacity to sit in discomfort (my morning routine will include meditation - a practice I'd love to properly re-engage with as it feels nourishing to my soul). I also want to pour more conscious energy into my romantic relationship, with my partner and with myself. Care, attention, gratitude. I sense a feeling of contentment and connection will come from this. I also want to keep getting fitter and stronger, so I can prepare my body for the journey I hope to soon be embarking on!

May we all welcome in what we desire in this reset! Much love xx

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My intention is to reintroduce cleansing in a gentler, healthier way. I’ve battled years of trying different diets and cleanses with having an eater disorder. After 2 years of therapy and on the road to recovery i want to see if I can make choices on what I put in and out of my body from a wholesome, genuine, nurturing place.

I just want to work along side my body and get to know her again. Be her best friend.

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So happy to join the Reset and so inspired by all of your intentions :)

I moved countries yesterday as I am starting a new job in France, so for me September really is about settling in, healing my nervous system, getting my energy levels back and reducing inflammation. I know that this will have a great impact on my health: better digestion, hormonal balance, more vitality and libido, etc. So my main intention is to be gentle on myself and take care of me as I allow myself to rest and also engage in activities that make me feel good and energized.

My morning routine is oral care (will add the oil pulling to it!), 10 min meditation and 10-30 min mobility.

For nutrition I am cutting out wheat (and gluten all in all), sugar and coffee/alcohol.

For movement, streching or a beautiful walk in the park/forest every day.

And I am starting with my supplements again!

Thank you, Juliet, for this beautiful opportunity to do it along so many people <3

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I hope to have more energy and dedication. I have allowed my energy to be an excuse to not do hard things and to give up right before I hit peak moments in my life.

I want to, not wait to have energy, but CREATE energy by doing the hard things before I feel I have the energy to do so.

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My intentions are to feel lighter in kg but also from inflammatory state. I know I need to clear wheat and sugar out of my life.

My libido is fine but I wanna try Maca 😉 they say it helps with libido and let's see if it elevates it even more🤣 I am taking collagen supp too and vitamin c and d...

I wanna to move my body at least 20 min a day. At least😊

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